Wednesday, June 04, 2008
I'm Moving!

I'be moving to blogspot so here's my new blog address

Miao's New Blog

I'm moving finally.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
We must Improve in this 21th century!


In this 21th century, we must improve ourself from time to time. So that we can stay on track with the changes.

For example:

If you watch Ah Loong Pte Ltd before, even Ah Loong have to make changes to keep on track with current state. They have to ask advice from the professional to teach them how to avoid the Law and loan sharking in a Legal way.

Improvement is really important, without improvement you will gently slide down from the track and abandoned by the society. There's alot of way that you can improve yourself.

1. You can start with a normal reading habit such as reading books and newspaper.

2. Try to learn some skills or knowledge.

3. The most important thing is "Connection" with people. If your connection is big enough, is easier for your further changes.

Don't give up if you don't see improvement right away! Pat yourself on your back for "victories" and give yourself a break if you back slide. "Rome wasn't built in a day"! Just keep at it as you are able. Good luck and good for you!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008
I learned something from my friends.

Everytime when i went out with my buddies, i learn something new from them. For example last night, when i was having tea session with my friends. One of my friend which currently own his own company, tell me that there's opportunities in every business depends on the person that runs the business.

he gives me an example:

Lets said there's 2 sales person,i shall call them Sales A and Sales B. They work in the same company and there are selling the same product. Why Sales A gotto do more sales then Sales B. Sales B saying that he wanna quit just because Sales A is better then him. The boss ask the Sales B, how many person that you ask, Sales B answer 30+, when the boss ask Sales A, he answered 100+. There's the point, you have to work hard to get what you want, not sitting around there and hopping that you can earn and learn more then people without putting in any effort. For me this is a really good example because it changes the way i think.

So sometimes i love hanging out with my friends cause we can interact and communicate and learn from each other.

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Monday, May 26, 2008
Been Hibernating for Sunday.

Last Sunday i was hibernating, been sleeping around 16 Hours faint...... When i wake up, i was bluring around my house. Other that my back paint like hell. My throat is dry and thirsty. I didnt eat for the whole day, lol.



Its been along time since i didnt do this.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008
Speed Racer! Go! Speed Racer GO


I still prefer the original Speed Racer, so handsome.


The original Mach 5


With ButtonsWheel_%281%29.jpg

All equipted

The car has seven mechanisms triggered by buttons labeled from A to G on the steering wheel hub. Their functions (and names, taken from the Japanese production) are:

Button A, Auto Jack: Releases four jacks to boost the car up so that it can be repaired . Although designed for this function, the auto jacks are more often used to jump the car short distances at slow speeds, as a wedge to keep the car from toppling over a waterfall, or as an alternative braking system. The spring-like sound the jacks make is distinctive to the show.

Button B, Belt Tires: Sprouts special grip tires for traction over any kind of terrain (firm, icy, or unsteady ground; ocean floor; vertical mountainsides). At the same time, 5,000 horsepower (3,700 kW) is distributed evenly to all four wheels.(1,250hp/932.13kW)

Button C, Cutter: Powerful rotary saws protrude from the front of the Mach Five to remove obstacles in its way such as trees. Mostly used for racing in forest areas(especially when Speed gets forced off the road)

Button D, Defensor: Releases a powerful deflector which seals the cockpit in a bullet-proof and crash-proof, and water-proof chamber. Inside it, the driver is completely invulnerable.

Button E, Evening or Illuminating Eye: The control for special illumination which can be traversed singly or in tandem, and which enables to see much farther and more clearly than with ordinary headlights. When used with the "night shades" attached to Speed's helmet, his vision is enhanced with infrared light.

Button F, Frogger Mode: Used when the Mach Five is under water. First, the cockpit is supplied with oxygen. Then, a periscope is raised to scan the surface of the water. Everything that is seen is relayed down to the driver's seat by television. The 100 pound (45 kg) auxiliary supply of oxygen is enough to last for thirty minutes.

Button G, Gizmo Rocket: Releases a homing robot bird from the front of the car. The homing robot bird can fly and can carry pictures or tape recorded messages, handwritten messages, X-ray film, rope, and small Egyptian statues, and it has been used as a means of defense. The bird-like device is operated by a built-in remote control within the cockpit.

Button H, Homing Device: This button is, unlike the other buttons, not located on the steering wheel; instead is located on a console between the seats. Button H is part of the Gizmo Rocket's controls, and it simply sends the robot "home" to a pre-programmed location, usually Speed's house

This is the Movie Version "Mach 5"


Racer X


Speed racer's brother.

Speed was inspired by his Brother into the world of Racing. When he was young speed already day dreaming about cars and racing.

At the last part, they manage to come out witht he mach 6 with a special fuel cell.





This movie for me is quite, since i been a fan of this anime when i'm a child.

my rating for this movie is 8.5/10

Go Speed Racer Go 

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Friday, May 23, 2008
Its Alive!!!! My second blog is alive.

As you know, i started a new blog


So do support, lol.

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